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With the help of our innovative and beautiful landscape lighting system, you can now have complete control over your outdoor space from just one app. Every light in any design is individually or group zoned to bring out a different mood for various events and occasions, such as celebrating game days on weekends with bright colors while also being able turn down certain areas for a more subdued setting. Having total control over your lighting is particularly convenient during the holidays. With schedules built into every program available (even those that differ based on time) personalized and customized lighting solutions have never been easier!

“Landscape lighting seems to be an undiscovered specialty. Just search the web for “experts” and you will see what I mean. Luckily, I found Lyons, the owner of Lone Star Lighting & Audio. Wow! Lyons is really a painter with light on a landscape canvas. He is meticulous in his planning and execution. He views the selection and placement of every light to be a brushstroke on the canvas of your backyard. We have extensive desert landscaping and a few metal sculptures. It looked beautiful during the day, but the natural beauty was lost with each twilight. Now, it is a tossup – whether more inspiring by day or night.”

-Dennis Eshleman