Designed with style,
filled with creative elements.

“With his deep understanding and appreciation of the interplay of light and shadow, Lyons has transformed our house from the ordinary to the magical. Hire this man!”
Gordon & Lee

Nightscape Lighting Bollards

Our hand-crafted bollards create a unique outdoor lighting scheme. Not only do they provide a safe and sturdy base for light fixtures, but they also help to create fantastic light shadow effects. By carefully placing bollards around your outdoor space, we create a unique and stylish lighting design that will impress your guests and neighbors. Hand-crafted bollards are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your outdoor lighting. Made from high-quality materials, they are built to last and add a touch of class to any setting. If you are looking for something extraordinary, look no further than hand-crafted bollards. With their unique designs and stunning shadow effects, they are sure to take your outdoor lighting to the next level.

Full Color Landscape Lighting

Flexibility and Control that’s Easy to Use!

Calendar-based scheduling for seasonal changes and desired mood

Professional Landscape Lighting

premium landscape lighting designs

We create an atmosphere for enjoyment and inviting outdoor living.


interplay with shadows and light

Our beautiful, hand-crafted bollards that are made in the U.S.A.

Holiday Lighting

individualize and creative

Wifi/app controlled color changing system for a personal touch during the Holidays.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

dream oasis outdoor furniture

Outdoor living furniture is designed to withstand the Houston elements.

sound & audio systems

Enhance the ambiance of your property

High quality outdoor audio systems that are designed to withstand the harsh Houston weather.